FlyRyde LED License Plate Bulbs MX-5 Miata

FlyRyde LED


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Have you ever seen a brand new car driving down the road with super bright LED tail lights and headlights, and yet it still has dingy yellowish light coming down above the license plate? For whatever reason, most new OEM cars still come with non LED license plate bulbs. Most of the time, its a 1 minute process to pop the little housings out with your finger nail or a small flat head driver, twist out the little bulb holder, and swap in your bright, beautiful new White LED bulbs. Not only will the back of the car look nicer, but you'll even cast a bit of white light on the ground behind the car. These are a very simple upgrade to finish off the look of both the brand new car off the lot, as well as your 20 year old daily beater!

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