Job Requirements

  • Humility
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • 18+
  • Reliable Car
  • On Time each day
  • Live within 20 Mile Radius
  • 25 Hours (275$) Per Week
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Quick Typing and Texting with solid Grammar


  • Shopify - our e-commerce shopping cart platform
  • Instagram - Create Draft Posts, Story Links, and Live Streams
  • Snapchat - Post pics and videos with Links to Products, YouTube, etc.
  • YouTube - Monitor Live Stream Chat, Research Keywords and Titles
  • Facebook - Upload Videos and Photos to our Fan Page
  • Pinterest - Build a library of photos linked to the website
  • Slack - Communication between Departments
  • Google Docs - Sharable Spreadsheets and Lists
  • Google Keep - Note Keeping
  • Acuity - Appointment setting for Calls


Job Description

Order Processing

When an Order comes in, we either send out a purchase order to our supplier, or we package the products we keep in stock at FlyRyde. If a P.O. must be made, we do that inside our shopping cart system, which sends all important information about the customer to the supplier. Then they ship it, and send us the tracking info. All orders must have tracking info updated in our system, to make it available to the customer.


Preparing Shipments

In the case that a customer orders something we keep in stock, then those products must be packed, and a label will be generated using our shipping system. This is done in batches, to speed up the process. 


Checking and Posting on Social Media / Responding to each message

We will train you to post drafts to Instagram, repost info from YouTube to Facebook, edit and monitor the website Blog, etc. Social Media is no different than emails or calls. We will be constantly monitoring Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and any other platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. The main objective to all social media messages is to collect an email by providing value to the customers question. We will collect specific info at the same time as email, such as year make and model of their car, and first name.


Answering and Organizing Emails

We send and receive a ton of emails. All emails need an immediate response. These need to be categorized into emails that can be answered immediately, email that need you to follow up later, and emails that must be seen by Jack or Chris. Many emails will be answered simply by sending a link to our website that has been set up to collect more info from the customer, as well as show a video with the solution, or a similar solution to what they’re looking for. 


Answering Calls and Setting Appointments

We receive calls between the hours of 10am-4pm After this time, calls will be sent to voicemail directly. Each day, voicemails will be reviewed, and text messages will be sent out in response asking for customer email addresses. The Email address will be added to our system, which will then automatically follow up with them and gather more info. 


Calls by appointment will begin at 12:30 each day and be scheduled for 5-10 minutes using a call scheduler app Acuity.


In House communication

Throughout the day, we will be getting asked to stop what we are doing and give an answer, or help someone else. Stopping and task switching is NOT good for our work flow. Everything will be done in batches. Normal tasks and questions will be gathered up, and added to Slack (a tool we use to send each department specific information and direction), and then given the proper attention needed at that designated time.