F1 Flasher Install Guide


  1. Identify the Brake Light wire (Wire Color will vary) using a test light probe:
  2. Cut the brake wire, leaving AT LEAST 2" of wire before the plug (Install the F1 Flasher vehicle side, not tail light side)
  3. Strip each end of the cut brake wire
  4. Remove the pink connectors and T-tap from the F1 Flasher
  5. Crimp the Pink (Female) connector to the wire coming from the Tail Light Plug
  6. Crimp the Pink (Male) connector to the other wire.
  7. Crimp the red T-tap onto the Ground Wire
  8. Run the Long Red Wire to the 2nd Tail Light
  9. Cut the brake wire, and strip only the end coming from the Tail Light Plug
  10. Crimp the pink connector to the stripped end, and plug it back to the long red wire.
  11. Tape up / Zip tie all loose wires, making sure they are safely out of the way.


This Flasher has 3 settings:

  • Flash Mode (1, 2, or 3)
  • Amount of Flashes
  • Speed of Flashes

To access the programming mode, the brakes must be applied, and then you push the momentary button once.

That opens up the first Setting menu: Flash Mode

Flash Mode

Each time you push the button, the lights will flash to indicate the corresponding Mode you're in (ie: Flash twice = Mode 2, Flash once = Mode 1)

  • Mode 1 - Basic Flashes, then steady. No Speed change
  • Mode 2 - Basic Flashes, then repeat of Flashes Slow
  • Mode 3 - Gradual Slowing of Flashes, starting fast, ending slow

Once you have selected the mode you'd like to stay in, press and hold the momentary button for 3-5 seconds. The lights will quickly flash, showing that you've saved the settings for Mode, and move you into the 2nd Menu: Amount of Flashes

Amount of Flashes

Same as with the last menu, each time you push the button, you will change the setting by 1. When you change the setting, the lights will flash the corresponding amount of times (Flash six times = Amount set to 6 Flashes) 

You can have up to 14 flashes... which is stupid.

Set you amount, then push and hold the button for 3-5 seconds to save and move to the next menu: Speed of Flashes

Speed of Flashes

Again push the button, the setting changes accordingly, only this time, instead of waiting for all the flashes to go and counting, the flashes will just take longer and longer to finish as you push the button and it drops the speed each time. By the time you reach the slowest setting, you're literally ready to fall asleep... it can take forever. 

A quick tip, is to push the button once to change the speed, and once more to kill the display, then a 3rd time to change to the next speed. 

There are 14 Speed settings, so that may mean pushing this button 20+ times to find the speed you want to test out. 

Find the one you like, push and hold the button, and you'll be done with all menu settings. After the quick flash that lets you know its saved, it will then flash the amount of times you set, then stay off. Flip the power toggle to kill power, and then flip it back on, to cycle power back to the brakes. In doing so, you'll essentially be "stepping on the brakes" and you can check your settings.


Mix it up, and before changing different Flash amounts and speed, simply change the Flash Mode between 1, 2, and 3. This will allow you to see what the different settings look like, without spending very much time at all. 

One setting could look cool as hell in Mode 1, since it'll just flash 8 times really quick, but in Mode 2, it'll blink a total of 16 times (which will take forever and look stupid). In Mode 3 it may look good, or it may take too long since it slows down gradually. 

This is all subjective. It's as good as you think it is. 

I will urge you strongly, to increase speed to match the higher amounts of flashes. Mode 2 can be cool with 3 or 4 flashes and the right speed dialed in. While it'll look insane with a ton of flashes set super fast. It'll be annoying as hell for anyone behind you.