New LED Technology is HERE

New LED Technology is HERE

I always used to try to outdo myself, building crazy one off projects by hand. Many times, that led to taking on bigger and bigger challenges. 

A couple of years ago, I decided I would push things further than ever before, and try to tackle the brand new Nissan GTR Headlights, with animation, brighter output, and a totally new aesthetic that would change the look of the car.

After tons of screw up, I finally got it right. 

The most important thing I learned was that my success was a double edged sword. Even though I was able to build the craziest lights I'd ever made, I couldn't possibly build them fast enough for the demand. 

No matter what the cost was that I attached to the service, it was a losing battle every time I sold a set of our top of the line GTR lights.

Fast forward many many builds later, and I have multiple Nissan GTRs at SEMA for the 3rd year in a row, equipped with our 2015+ Modified Headlights. 

The thing I'm the most excited about though, is that we'll be able to make the lights better and FASTER now than ever before, and that is due to technology and collaborations.

Our friends at YuniqueLED and Ghozt Lighting have become a crucial part of the build process, as we can now use drop in LED boards instead of creating everything from scratch, by hand, over the course of weeks of build time. 

With the next wave of GTR parts, we'll be able to cater to 10 times the amount of customers, and continue to bring new products to market.

We're so so grateful for our loyal customers who have stuck it out with us, during the development phase of so many products and services. 

We'll be continuing to push boundaries, with the help of our friends in the custom lighting industry, to open up doors for all makes and models that want the cutting edge LED goodness that we've become known for at FlyRyde. Super excited for 2018!!!

If you want to be the first to grab the new Bolt Setup for the GTR, we have 1 more spot for the end of the year, and then we'll be booking January! 

Here's the trigger if you want to pull it:

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