New LED Bulbs, Need a Free Sample Tester!

New LED Bulbs, Need a Free Sample Tester!

New LED Bulbs, Need a Free Sample Tester!

Got a new brand of bulbs we're going to be distributing, and I want to get them on a few cars! So I need a test mule!!!

Go visit LasfitAutoLighting and XKGlow on Instagram, follow them, and post up a bunch of #FlyRydeFam posts all over their feed. The more the better! Comments help your social big time, especially here on YouTube.

I'll report back I see tomorrow, and pick two guys to test some Lasfit bulbs.


  • Abdelnasser Alfarra

    Samples of your interesting products of LEDS.

  • Lee Bishop

    To whom it may concern,

    I ran across your website by pure luck. And after looking over it I think this will be a good fit for the both of us. I have always had a passion about cars ever since I was a teenager ( Believe me those days are long gone I’m 46). Your car says a lot about the individual behind the wheel and I’ve always tried to make mine stand out and be unique compared to other vehicles like it. I am in the process of trying to get a modification shop opened up in my hometown of Charlottesville Virginia. Right now I’m using my car as a marketing tool for things the shop offer. And believe me my car turns heads. Just last week I was at a stoplight and the guy was across the street at a gas station waving his arms. And the next thing I know he was running over to where my car was to take a picture of it. Believe me that was the first time anyone has done something like that. So right then and there I knew I was headed down the right Path to pursue my dream. One thing my car desperately needs is some custom lighting. Anything from headlights to tail lights. I have done quite a few modifications to it. I hope to hear from you soon and talk more about a possible sponsorship. If this isn’t the correct email address can you please forward it or let me know where to send it. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day.

    2010 Honda Accord Coupe ELX 3.5l V6

    I have done Some modifications to it here is a list. Cold air intake by K&N, BC coil overs, front lower custom air splitter, custom front upper and lower grills, tinted windows, LED lights ( inside and out),customized stereo with touch screen, Polk audio comp speakers, customize sub woofer enclosure ( doesn’t take up trunk space) and vinyl carbon fiber wrap interior trim. I know I’m missing some things but that’s all that comes to my mind right this moment.

    What the sponsorship would do for the both of us. One thing it would do Is put the finishing touch on my car to give it that extra year wow factor. Custom lighting would make it really pop. And as far as benefiting your company I would be happy to have a your name on the back windshield ( or wherever you would like it to be). There are a lot of people in my town looking for ways and places to customize and modify their cars to make them unique. We have no true we all company in Charlottesville for off-the-wall crazy stand out wheels. I also go to a lot of car shows in and around my hometown. I’ve never really felt so strong about something as I do about cars and making them one of a kind. I have attached some photos of my vehicle. Please excuse the dirtiness of it I just got back from vacation and haven’t given her a bath yet.

    As far as future modifications. I plan on adding either a supercharger or NOS, cat back exhaust, air dampering kit. And other options I’m still playing around with in my mind.

    Thank you so much,

    Robert L. Bishop, jr.

  • Jeffrey

    I want to build a set of custom led tail lights for my camaro I I’ve just learned about the ghozt module but I need the price on the led’s and boards to solder them to. I’ve looked in your online store but Can’t seam to find them

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