New 15+ Subaru WRX Sequential LED Tail Light C-Bar

New 15+ Subaru WRX Sequential LED Tail Light C-Bar

This was our first experience working with the part. So badass. Jack and Oscar crushed it on this one, and the team really made something special in a short amount of time. The part is super well made, and the wiring, though very much not what we're used to, is perfect for a first time installer. Even a newbie can have this up and running in a single day! We have a full step by step, ultra long boring video showing the install being edited now.

The output, the functions, and even the unique way of using one sequencer to power both tail lights (which saves the customer money), all just equaled an amazing product. I've said it, and heard it said a lot this past week: GAME CHANGER

At 349.99, this takes the professional experience attached with high dollar custom builds, and packs it into a basic package that yields huge results. Big thanks to Modified Technologies for sending us this first set for playing with. Please show your support by commenting if you liked the boards. We have them available, and TONS of new options for these, both from Modified Technologies, and FlyRyde Exclusive options.


  • Westynn Portman

    Do you have New 15+ Subaru WRX Sequential LED Tail Light C-Bars in stock?

  • Ruben Padilla

    Where can I get those light for wrx

  • Mat Domin

    How do i get my hands on these in smoked lens black housing? They look awesome thanks for your time

  • dan

    Hi, Do you guys sell the Modified Technologies tail lights for 15+ sti? I have bin trying to find them but can no longer find them online..

  • Luis R

    Hi I would like buy the 2017 sti tail lights modified technology

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