Making a custom Wire Harness | Nissan GTR R35

Making a custom Wire Harness | Nissan GTR R35

Making a custom Wire Harness for a Nissan GTR R35.

Ever seen that kid with the most popular Shoes, and Hat, and Hoodie, and Jeans, and Shirt, and Watch, and everything else he wants, with money as no option...?

If he were to hit me up about getting custom lights, my guess is, he'd want it ALL. But with electronics, once you pack too many cool things into one set of lights, they can quickly become a nightmare.

Check out this over the top build and required wire harness to power not 2 or 3, but 7 different RGB color changing parts, White LED strips with Strobe, and a fully sequential custom LED bolt, with upgrade turn signal bulbs as well. The rest of the car is no less over the top, including front and rear color changing side markers and DRLs, as well as sequential LED Tail Lights, all powered by a 2nd Battery, 8 channel bluetooth Ride Controller, and no less than 3 individual XK Chrome color changing controllers.

Twice as much as any one GTR should ever have, but this one has it, and it doesn't stop there... but I will. There's just too much stuff in this car, and in order to make it all work, there's been countless hours of wire harness construction, reconstruction, and re-re, well, just too much. I'll let you see for yourself.

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