How To Build Custom Sequential LED Strips - Online Course FREE Preview

Written By Chris Darafeev - April 10 2018


Justin eanes
January 24 2019

Hey man I’m an experienced 12v tech in the audio/video/security field. Over the past decade I’ve been doing tons of various led installs and seen a lot of other techs doing jobs as well. I’ve done quiet a few projector retrofits, demon eyes and housing customizing. But recently I’ve been so fascinated and eager to get started learning how design and build one off led lights from the ground up. I have been thinking of starting off how you did with getting lights and requests for builds for customers in my spare time. But truthfully I don’t know anyone personally to guide or get me started into the essential supplies and parts I’ll need as well as the mathematics behind the circuits. I’d love for the opportunity and the chance to get a few tips and pointers from someone who has the experience and knowledge behind the art of building these one off lights. Is there any way I could just get you to email me whenever you see convenient and just ask a few questions. I’d appreciate any and all help or direction you point me in no matter how big or small the response is. I’m a 31 yr old single father of a 5yr old little girl and I’ve been working 40-55hr weeks for almost a decade. I’m so sick of making someone a dollar but being paid a dime. I want Work to live my dreams not work for someone else so they can live their dreams. Thank you for even taking the tome to read my comment. Hoping to hear from you soon, Justin.

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