Getting your own SHOP | Running a business in 2018

Getting your own SHOP | Running a business in 2018

Getting your own shop and running a business in 2018 involves a LOT of hard work.

I’ve heard a ton of people say that when they decided to move out from their home workshop, that’s when things took off. I also think there’s a ton of hype behind the idea, and the thought that overhead somehow makes you more productive and profitable. I disagree. I think you learn a lot. I think you get stretched in new ways you haven’t experienced yet.

There has to be an upside, because there will definitely be a downside in obvious ways:

-Higher Cost of running the business -Extra Time and Money commuting to your location -More time away from home (this could be a good thing or a bad thing, lol) -Regulations and Requirements unique to each City/State/Country

I also think your life balance will get thrown out of whack, and you’ll need to readjust. If there’s no way to adjust, and you’re forced to either suffer in business or suffer with your friends and family, you may have to choose what matters more to you.

This was my story. I had a lot of great times in Riverside, and I knew that in many ways, having a shop was an important part of my business, but it was something I definitely couldn't keep up with in terms of time. Since moving to a location 15 minutes from home, I now see that I want even more! I want an even bigger shop, and for it to be even closer to home!

I've learned what I did and didn't want out of a physical location, and how they looks inside my business. And I'm still learning every single day. For me, the answer to the question of Do You Really Need a Shop, is YES! Even with producing content, having my own separate area away from everything else to set things up and spend time doing what I decide, has so much more potential than anything else I could be doing.

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