DESTROYED Carbon Fiber Headlights for Nissan GTR

DESTROYED Carbon Fiber Headlights for Nissan GTR

Destroyed Carbon Fiber Headlights for a Nissan GTR shipped over to us in a massive box we could barely get inside.

Tip: Always use a box under 108 cubic inches (length + width + width + height + height) to ship your lights with USPS Express.

Shipping lights is something I deal with just about every day. I've seen a lot of mistakes and damage to lights, but one common thing I hear about is customers spending a small fortune just to get me their lights... and its unnecessary. Save your cash.

I got a box so big it wouldn't even fit in my car. Later I grab a box from a headlight company (DEPO) and I show how we save customers hundreds of dollars by downsizing the box, while still keeping the lights nice and safe!

I also filmed a bunch of new video all about the parts we use when building lights.

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