Black Lights on Satin Dark Gray - Nissan GTR

Black Lights on Satin Dark Gray - Nissan GTR

So proud of my crew! These guys work super hard, at night, on weekends, whenever work needs to be done, they're there at the shop, killin the game! The beautiful thing, is when FlyRyde and Premium attack the same project, and it comes together like this:

We actually met our buddy Cliff (GTR Owner) way back when me and Jack were still working out of my house, wrenching and building in the garage full time. He brought the car in, which was completely gloss black still, and we built him custom Black Headlights with a cool new LED style to them. We kept adding to the GTR over time, by creating new custom options, including black internal Side Markers, front and rear, and our "Lite Series" Black Tail Lights including the Tail as Turn package.

With the new Satin Dark Gray body, the lights pop so well! It was great getting to put yet another new touch on a car, that we had previously done just about everything we could think of. Just before pickup, I added our GTR LED bulb upgrade on every piece of the car we hadn't already changed, and he loved it! Cliff took me out for a crazy ride along when he came to swoop up this freshly wrapped beast. 


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