Are these NEW $2300 Nissan GTR aftermarket LED Bolt Headlights as good as OEM?

Are these NEW $2300 Nissan GTR aftermarket LED Bolt Headlights as good as OEM?

If you have a GTR and need more info, check out this link:

The Nissan GTR (Godzilla) has been out since 2009, and has never had a true replacement aftermarket headlight... until now. These GTR Bolt Headlights are now available, as are the OEM lights for Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive countries. Valenti / DEPO finally released these new R35 Full LED replacement headlights for $1900 a pair.

Key Features I like:

-Full LED Turn Signal, with 6 high powered LEDs and Redesigned Signal 2 row section

-Sharper cut off line on LED dual projector Low Beams

-5500K White Output for Low Beams

There are 5 years worth of Nissan GTRs out there that DON'T have the new Bolt headlights, and at $3000 a set, its no wonder why they haven't upgraded yet. The main questions I'm asked about these versus the stock 2015 - 2017 LED Headlights is:

Q: Is the LED bolt brighter than the bolt on the OEM Lights? A: Nope. They suck equally as bad (but not worse) as OEM. But we can upgrade them ;)

Q: Is 1900 for a Pair of lights? A: Yup. Full replacement. No core to send in.

Q: Are they plug and play A: Yup. Install is pretty straight forward, once you get the front bumper off.

Q: Who makes these lights? A: They're made in Taiwan like many other aftermarket lights. The office branding on the lens and box is DEPO, but we've been calling them Valenti due to posts on Instagram showing these over the past months of development.





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  • Ali Arshad

    Hi I’m from United Kingdom England, I’m having a problem with my GTR 2015 bolt headlights can’t find led main beam. I’ve had the headlight dismantled because right side headlight led beam had a xenon blue tint beam as the passenger side one was dull and yellow beam so I’ve opened it up to match it with right headlight but I can’t find a led beam online anywhere in UK can you help or have a link you can send me someone who specialises in Gtr headlights? Much appreciated if you can help.

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