How To Build Custom Sequential LED Strips - Online Course FREE Preview

Written By Chris Darafeev - April 10 2018


Eli Westendorf
January 04 2020

What is the name or company that you get the leds and pcb board from?

Al Devern Jobe
September 10 2019

hey i want to become the flyryde of Trinidad because there are a few guys customizing headlights here but the jobs look crappy, ive watch all of your videos on the flyryde chanel and i think im ready to try but some of the products you use are not easy to get in my country can you help me/

Rudolph S Smith
July 27 2019

great vids can’t wait to get started

April 09 2019

I am building a custome truck and wanted to learn to build tail lights using your methods.

April 03 2019

Yes please I would love to do this course!

February 21 2019

Hi i stumbled across your videos and have been hooked i am into custom cars i am currently started my own car club along with modifying my 1996 honda civic lx and i would love to incorporate what you are showing/teaching everyone
I have two questions for you 1. What is the kind/ name of the circut board used to make the LED’s
And 2. How can i take the course and become a lightsman thank you for your time sorry for such a long comment

Chris Harris
January 17 2019

I am absolutely ecstatic about the possibility of learning custom lighting-especially programming the Ghost module for custom sequential automotive applications-from someone like myself that is strongly planted in the custom car world.
Electronics and computer engineering/programming has always been a huge interest to me. I am also an ASE Certified Technician and an apprentice welder. I’m now disabled due to complications of being a Type 1 Insulin-dependant Diabetic for the past 36 years.
I was forced to “retire” from working full-time when my health declined to where it affected my work on a daily basis. I’m now 41 years old with a family of 6, looking to add to my skillset based around electronics and custom cars, that I can learn as not only a new hobby and possible “side-hustle” but also to have another skill based on experience to pass along to my kids.
I am extremely interested in your course if you could possibly give me a shot. That’s all I ask.
Thanks in advance Chris.

Best regards,
Chris Harris

Hugo Espinosa
January 03 2019

Hi, I just started to watch your videos a few days ago. I got excited about learning how to do the sequential lights. I work with electronics with hydrogen fuel cells at the moment, but I did a lot of cool lighting stuff with an aviation research and development company here in town, and I used to enjoy doing custom work wheels I used to work there. I’ll be happy to learn from you, and already order a set of lights for my Tundra so I can work with those and make something cool.

Have a great day!


Bill Justus
January 03 2019

Definitely interested in course. Thanks.

Gavin Milton
January 01 2019

Hi sorry to disturb you but I have a reliant scimitar and I am looking to build a complete custom lighting units for all 4 corners of my car. And after seeing your video on your ghost sequencer for indicators and tail lights. But I cannot find the sequencer anywhere as I’m in the UK I’m guessing may be the problem. Can you advise me on where I can find them and maybe a link would be great thanks Gavin from the uk.

Jon Burkett
December 23 2018

I would like to take your lightsman course. I am super stoked how you do all the sequential lighting and would love to go further. I’ve put the LED strip lighting on my Jeep wrangler with no real longevity (I go off road too much, lol). I also have a boat I’ll be re-doing this winter. Some lighting would be awesome to add to it! THANKS

November 24 2018

I have built a couple sets of headlights now with all the parts already made so just had to modify and install into the housings but now i want to start getting more creative by doing the led Sequential Strips. Soldering is not a issue for me. issue is finding all the parts to do so. If you could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate everything. I have learned so much from your videos and would love to get to the level you are at. Thank you for everything you do!

November 09 2018

I want to know how can I take this course.

October 15 2018

¿Cómo me involucro en tu curso en línea

Ronald Legois
August 26 2018

how do I get involved in your online course

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