Ghozt Lighting Sequential LED Modules

Ghozt Lighting Sequential LED Modules

Ghozt Lighting Sequential LED Modules are the engine behind the best custom lights built today.

Its literally the brains of the operation, and we walk you through the process of wiring up the module, as well as potting the completed circuit boards.


  • Jay Hughes

    A friend bought me a Ghozt Lighting Sequential LED driver. Unfortunately a component failed – one of the 6-legged little black chip near the row of out put connectors.

    The technician who looked for the trouble said he couldn’t tell the part number so he programmed that ‘channel’ out and transferred the connection in software.

    Built-in redundancy. What a great safety feature.

    Since import duty is 100% for these things in VietNam, I will just put up with this dead channel.

    QUESTION: What do you use to clean the ‘chrome’ reflectors in light units?

  • I want to buy the most cheaper led sequential module, from Guatemala, Central America

    Thank you

  • luis a rosario

    how to make or send to made front and back sequential light for my 01 Audi Tt

  • Moore Arthur Wayne

    Have you ever made any custom lights for 2004 Infinity G35 coupe and if so what can be done? I am in the process of putting a 5.3 turbo LS engine with 6 speed automatic in mine. I would like to have lighting that is just as impressive. Thanks for anything you can help me with.

  • Jonathan Feliciano

    when you purchase the $69 ghozt modules does it come with the 28pin connector plus wires and all i need to do is solder everything in?

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