Custom Lighting Q&A Friday

Written By Chris Darafeev - April 06 2018


Frank W
April 12 2019

I have a ā€˜15 genesis coupe. I was wondering how much the clear corner and switchback would cost if I were to send mine in or buy them directly from you? The same setup as this video is exactly what Iā€™d like. Thanks for your time.

Alex Padilla
March 21 2019

I would like to have custom headlamps and maybe tail lights for a 2013 traverse

David C10
February 11 2019

I have an awesome old school ‘72 Chevy C10 pickup. I know there are tail lights premade, but I want to build my own LED inserts and use the existing lenses. I got the red LED strip from you guys, and I’ve been watching the YouTube’s… great stuff! I just want to make sure I’m going the right direction… want to use the LED strip, cut it up so that it fits the housing correctly… use an no-load flasher module… but what is the best way to use the red LED’s to preform all three functions, brake, turn, and running lights (dimmed)?

January 25 2019

I have a 08 Dodge ram 2500 4×4 with the double sercle taillights turn/brake/tail at the top backup on the bottom I want to put switch backs in them how do I get the right size rings for them???

Ronald Legois
August 26 2018

WHere do I buy the Led stip and lights

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